WOD 5:30am – Snatch Balances, Thrusters and Pullups


Interesting – this blog’s current top search is “stretch balls”. Boy – won’t they be disappointed.


5 rounds
3 strict pushups
5 V-sits
alternating Superman/Samson stretch

Snatch Balance
All sets done at 35# except 3rd and 4th set done at 45#

Death by Thrusters and Pullups
Every minute on the minute
1 42# thruster / 1 pullup
2 42# thruster / 2 pullup etc

Got through 7 rounds. at 7 42# thrusters / 7 pullups
Rested minute 8
All sets minutes 9 – 12, 14-18 done at 5 32# thrusters and 3 pullups.
Rest at minute 13

Left before everyone finished since I HAD to get to work on time today. Hate walking out in the middle of a WOD.

Next week – break from Wendler and HSPU work. Travelling to California and visiting my first boxes outside of PCF. Excited and very very nervous.
CrossFit Monterey and Lalanne CrossFit – here I come!


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