CrossFit Monterey – Snatch and Press


Greetings from sunny Califorrnia!

Visited CrossFit Monterey on Monday morning. It is located in a very dark industrial park next to some iron works. Creepy when it is dark and you are unfamiliar with the area.
Once in the box, Ryan and his clients were incredibly welcoming. There are also a surprising number of transplanted Northern Virginians there. I highly recommend a visit.

Mobility work – hips and shoulders
Snatch – 30(5) – 50(7)

10 minutes – 3 snatches every 90 seconds. 50#
Missed a few times and made up the snatch on each miss.

Press 5-5-5
Warmup – 30(5) – 45(5)
65(5) – 75(2) – 65(5) – 65(4) – 55(5)
I haven’t attempted to max out my press in awhile.

Thank you Ryan for making me feel so at home. Thanks Katherine for working with me on the press.


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