Focus for my 41st year


Gee Brain, What do you wanna do tonight?
Same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world!
In last year’s essay – my goal was to “move around my bodyweight easily.” We’ve made significant progress towards that goal.

– Deadlift 2x bodyweight (270) – Well, managed to make it past the 200 lb mark. I’ll take it.

– Get 135 overhead by any means necessary – I’m really close. I have successfully gotten 105 overhead as a clean and jerk. Haven’t tested this in awhile, but if my recent workouts are an indication, I have a feeling that I may be able to throw more weight overhead.

– Doing pullups without bands during WODS – This gets ugly on occasion. Still don’t kip very well – but I can dead hang like a champ. With weight!

– Doing ring dips without bands during WODS – Can do this, but I will need to make more effort to focus on form so I don’t drop my toes as often.

– Get a handstand pushup – unsupported. Don’t have an unsupported handstand pushup yet, but I can DO a handstand pushup as of last week. This falls squarely in the “things I never thought my body could do” category.

– Get a muscleup – Not close here. But maybe by my 41st birthday….

– The regular sub 8-minute mile? Running sucks 🙂

I’m keeping some of the goals from last year
– Deadlift 270 lbs
– 135# or more overhead by any means necessary
– Get a muscleup

New goals
– Squat over 200 lbs
– Press over 100 lbs
– Squat Clean over 150 lbs
– Squat Snatch over 100 lbs
– Do a double-under workout unbroken.

Notice these are dominantly strength goals. Brian PCF and I are testing the theory that strength gains = metcon gains.
This theory will be tested through our evil plan.
Plan goes into effect December 5th.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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