Wendy’s Deep Wendler Thoughts 2


This is the final deload week. Not as much progress this time as last time.
I’m going to blame 3 things
– High stress during this cycle
– Crappy nutrition
– Minimal sleep.

Jim Wendler is pretty frank in stating that this works best when you have the stress, sleep and nutrition in line. After this past cycle, I agree.

The fact I made it into the box regularly is a bloody miracle. I’m glad I had a reason to go to PCF – otherwise, that would have gone off the rails too.

By the calculated 1RM numbers – I didn’t improve at all in the back squat (155) and the press (77.5). Didn’t get worse – so that’s a bonus.

Deadlift, however, improved to 216 (by the calculated numbers).

Funny thing – I felt more confident in the moves at the weights that were asked of me in the 2nd 4 week cycle than the first. I’m also feeling more confident during the WODs with heavier weights. So, at least by perception, I feel stronger. Hmmm…..

The next Wendler cycle – I am going up 5# in the press (using 82# as a 1RM), I am replacing back squat with front squat (1 RM at 115 back in March 2010) and I am raising my 1RM deadlift to 216.

Oh yeah – and I am in the process of cleaning up my sleep, stress and nutrition.

The next cycle is going to be all about increasing strength. Should be interesting.


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