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WOD – TacFit Recruit No Intensity 20 exercises, 20 minutes. Still working on mobility and recovery. Feeling a bit less stiff than a couple of days ago – but still very tight in the hamstrings and ITB. Low back – not so bad. ——————— Sleep 1:15am – 6:45am. Um, yeah…. Stress: Medium Low. Insulators coming […]

WOD – TacFit Low Intensity 20 minutes – 20 exercises Rate of Perceived Exertion (1-10, 10 = hardest ever) – 3 Target: 3-4 Rate of Perceived Discomfort (1-10, 10 = worst pain ever) – 3 Felt this in hamstrings and low back. Whole posterior chain tight. Target: 1-3 Rate of Perceived Technique (1-10, 10 = […]

This may be my last WOD for the week. I’m thinking 4 days of recovery will do me a world of good. Pre-WOD half-hearted mobility stuff. I think I was supposed to do other exercises too. Meh. WOD Bench Press 35(5) – 45(5) – 55(5) Sorry about the uneven weights Christy. Math….not so good….. Press […]

Pre-WOD 3 rounds 10 SPT/OHS. Last set of OHS done as snatch squats 10 strict press 35# 10 pistols (5 per leg) 10 wallball – 12#/8 ft 10 straight leg deadlifts (last round done as good morning) 5 sec bent leg L sit WOD Snatch 3 sets, 4 reps at 37# Wendler Front Squat 42(5) […]

WOD – going off the reservation this morning. I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the box today. This is meant to be a deload week, so decided to take the opportunity to do something that I know helps my mobility. TacFit Commando – Recruit Program 1 6 exercise warmup – 1 min […]

WOD – watch football. ——————————— Sleep: midnight – 8am. Time check at 7am. I’m having messed up dreams and feeling more rested when I wake, which means I am sleeping more solidly (I guess). Nap 4:30 – 6:00pm Stress: Low. Football watching Fish oil: 5 caps ——————————– Food Breakfast (8:15am) – lady grey tea with […]

WOD – Xmas day with family ——————— Sleep: 11pm – 10:00am. Time check at 5:45am. 6:30pm – 9:30pm. Stress: Medium Low. Out with Ryan’s family today. Fish oil: 0 caps. —————— Food Breakfast (11:15am) – Potatoes, leeks and bacon with egg. Coffee with milk and honey. Lunch / Dinner (whenever) – bloody marys, roast beef, […]