Evil Plan – Cycle 1, Week 1, Day 1


And so the evil plan begins.

Goal: DO sectionals. Notice I didn’t say “compete”. I just want to be able to finish whatever is asked of me (in whatever format “sectionals” shows up as).

Towards the goal of the evil plan, I’m going to be tracking all 4 corners of the CrossFit Quad (WOD, sleep, stress, food)
I apologize in advance for the posts.

Thanks Deadlift Mike for playing along this morning. And welcome back to DC. We missed you 🙂


Wendler Front Squat
87(2) – started talking to Deadlift Mike, who was making sure I was OK.
87 (max reps – 15). Just wow. Even left some in the tank. The 1st 8 were done at max speed for me.

12(5) – 47(3) – 47(3) – 47(3) – 47(3)
Missed 1st rep, 2nd set of 47. Redid rep
Missed 2nd rep, 4th set of 47. Redid rep.

Both a result of stopping with the bar too far forward.

– Lax Ball ITB, 90 seconds per side
– Hip flexor wall, 2 minutes each leg
– Windup, shoulder with band – 1 minute per side
– Wrist with band distraction – 1 minute per side

Desk Mobility
– Hamstring/Glute Lax ball – 5 minutes per side
– Wrist stretch – 2 minutes total per side

Sleep – 9:45pm – 4:45am with time check at 3am.
Stress – low. Low impact work day.
Fish Oil – 4 caps


Pre-Workout (5:00am) – Turkey broth + 4 vita gummies. Felt OK on this. Some energy
Post-Workout (6:40am) – Protein Powder + 6 oz OJ + 3 oz water
Breakfast (8:20am) – 2 HB eggs w/ cajun seasoning + 2 cups green tea + 10 baby carrots
Lunch (11:00am) – Paprika pork loins + turnip greens & kale with chorizo, garlic & onions + sparkling water
Snack (2:30pm) – 2 cups yogi ginger tea + 8 oz texas chili with beans + 1/2 small asian bean paste cake (don’t need to taste this again) + 2 pc sugarless gum
Dinner (5:30pm) – Chopp’d Korean BulGogi Chicken salad + water

Texas chili with beans from Marvin Center didn’t sit terribly well.

Hockey night tonight. Low stress work day today.


3 Responses to “Evil Plan – Cycle 1, Week 1, Day 1”

  1. 1 Erika - PCF

    Can I just say again how excited I am that you’re doing this?! It has been awesome to watch your journey from that first Foundations class to now, and to see how much stronger you’ve gotten. I think Sectionals will give you a nice goal to work toward, and can’t wait to cheer you on. Let me know if I can help in any way.

    • I may take you up on that offer of help and pick your brain at some point when you are not coaching or working out. Thanks for your support.

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