Evil Plan – Cycle 1, Week 1, Day 3


WOD – Rest Day

– TacFit Commando – No Intensity

Desk Mobility
– Hamstring/Glute Lax ball – 5 minutes per side
– Shoulder stretch on chair – 1 min per side. Careful to avoid DB shoulder.
– Lax Ball calf mash – 1 min per side.

Sleep – 9:00pm– 4:45am. Time check at 2:45am. Snooze 2x. Up at 5:03a
Stress – Medium. High stakes presentation with Sr. VPs today.
Fish Oil – 5 caps

Breakfast 1 (6:00am) – Protein shake with 1/3 cup blackberries, 1/2 banana + water. Feels a bit heavy in the stomach.

Breakfast 2 (8:15am) – 2 HB eggs with cajun seasoning, green tea, sparkling water

Lunch (11:00am) – Kale + Turnip Greens with chorizo, garlic and onions (1 cup). Boars Head Turkey (3 slices). 1 pc sugarless gum

Snack (2:00pm) – 6 oz salmon with Arizona Seasoning and onions. 2 pc sugarless gum. sparkling water

Dinner (6:30pm) – Turkey and bell pepper in yellow curry sauce + 1 cup baby spinach


Since it was an off day and knowing that I had a big presentation today, relaxed my way into the morning. Read, trimmed the toenails, etc. Nice to not be rushed.
Lots of walking around campus.
Presentation went reasonably well. Happy that is over.


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