Evil Plan – Cycle 1, Week 2, Day 1


On the minute – 10 minutes
4 sumo deadlift high pulls 35#
4 snatch squats
2 strict pullups

Double unders – lots of 9s and 7s. Couldn’t get extended rhythm going.

Snatch – 5 sets, 2 reps per at 55#

Wendler Front squat
95(12) – these felt really solid.
Sleep – 9:00pm – 4:45am. Time check – 3:00am

Stress: Medium High. 2 trainings today, different subjects. Afternoon training – got to practice my interpretive dance skills as I worked my way around non-functional features. Good times.

Fish Oil – 4 caps

Pre-Workout (5:00am) – coconut water. This didn’t sit very well this morning.

Breakfast (8:45am) – coffee with chocolate protein powder. Baby carrots. Applegate farms smoked turkey breast.

Snack (11:00am) – Baby carrots. Coffee with chocolate protein powder. Salmon with onions.

Lunch(ish) (12:10pm) – Pork with spanish paprika (only 2 oz or so. Just not hungry, but knew I needed to eat before training.)

Lunch(ish) 2 (2:50pm) – Honey-baked ham. Celery. Hooray potluck! Too bad it was all processed carbs.

Dinner (6:45pm) – Shrimp in wasabi, ginger, garlic sauce. Spinach. Moroccan Pomegranate Rooibos Tea (no sugar or sweetener)


Glad that’s over….


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