Evil Plan – Cycle 1, Week 2, Day 3


WOD – meant to be rest day. Wanted to get some skill work + mobility requiring tools in.

On minute for 10 minutes
4 thrusters 12#
4 supermans
2 pullups

Best: 19. Also got many in double-digits (not counting very well this morning). Seemed to be all or nothing. I either got double digits or couldn’t get a single.
Really felt draggy this morning.

Front Lever 5 sec x 8 on the minute. First 2 rounds on bar. Moved to rings because I felt I had better shoulder stability this way.
Back Lever 5 sec x 8 on the minute. On rings
Over head shoulder stretch between each round.

– High box pigeon. 2 min per side. Seemed to lose some external rotation mobility in my hip.
– Lax ball hussains. 1 min per side
– Lax ball hip/glute. 1 min per side
– Back foot on low box lunge. 1 min per side
– Band distraction lunge. 1 min per side
– Weighted shoulder (15# db) with band distraction. 1 min per side

Desk Mobility
– Lax ball on hamstring/glute interface. 50 leg lifts per leg. Ow (even with cushier chair than KStar recommends)
– 1 min per shoulder – mash upper shoulder / traps with lax ball
– 1 min ea side – mash low back with lax ball.

Sleep: 9:30pm – 4:30am. Solid with messed up nightmarish dreams. Stayed in bed until 4:53am
Stress: Medium Low. Doing production work on a new online tutorial. It’s a good day when I get extended concentration time.
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Pre-Workout (5:00am): Coconut water

Breakfast (8:30am): Coffee with unsweetened almond milk. Applegate Smoked Turkey. Just not hungry.

Lunch (11:00am): Ethiopean Berebere chicken legs with mixed onions and bell peppers (made a lot of this). Water. Baby carrots. Still not very hungry.

Snack (2:00pm): Beef sticks from Humble Gourmand. Baby carrots. Ginger tea.

Snack 2 (3:30pm): Palak Paneer, Ginger tea.

Feeling bloated today. Spent the day snacking in small doses. Then just didn’t eat again after 3:30pm. Not entirely certain what bloated me out today.

Hockey night tonight. Worked late rather than trying to pre-game. Less inclined to eat junk and drink that way. Besides, too danged cold for yet another salad. A significantly cheaper decision.


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