Evil Plan – Cycle 1, Week 3, Day 3


a couple of rounds
– 10 SPT / OHS
– 10 pushups
– 3 ring dips

Every minute on minute, 20 minutes
1 handstand negative – Rounds 1-13 on 2 45# plates, Round 14 – 1 45# plate, Round 15-20 45# + 25# plate
2 pullups

Equilibrium back. Managed to get 1 handstand pushup – but knew pretty quickly that today was going to be a good day to work on range of motion instead.

Jen N was kind enough to show me the kipping handstand pushup. “It will help you get past that sticking point between the Ab Mat and the floor so you get full range of motion.” I’ll be playing with that over the next few weeks.
Sleep: 11:30pm – 3:45am. Sucky. Nap – 2:30pm – 5:30pm. Awesome.
Stress: Medium. Electrician and insulation folks in my house today. Don’t like having strangers in my house.
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Pre-Workout (5:00am) – coconut water

Breakfast (7:15am) – turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, darjeeling with milk and honey

Snack (10:30am) – 1 popeyes spicy chicken breast, red zinger tea (hot)

Snack 2 (1:50pm) – cottage cheese, Edy’s double fudge brownie ice cream (glad I got only a tiny single serving pack. Ick. Stick to Ben and Jerrys or Haagen Daaz), Moroccan Rooibos tea (iced)

Snack 3 (5:45pm) – 2 spicy popeyes chicken wings. Coconut water.

Dinner (6:45pm) – Pork tenderloin in tomato chipotle sauce. Corn tortillas. Avocado. Mixed greens. Moroccan Rooibos tea (iced)

Should have taken a rest day rather than trying to cram in all of the workout stuff this morning. Just out of sorts today. Reflected in the nutrition.


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