Evil Plan – Cycle 1, Week 3, Day 4


2 rounds
10 wallball 12# – these, shockingly, felt good
10 pushups

Best: 39(PR)
Also: 23-23-10-9 VERY solid double-under day. Amazing what doing the WOD at 9:30am (vs. 5:30am) will do.

35(5) – 35(5) – 85(1) – 95(1) x4. Happy with form. These felt really solid.

Wendler Deadlift
185(3) – makes 1RM 203 for this cycle. Last cycle 1RM – 216. Harumph.

I really need to work on maintaining tightness between the reps on the deadlift. One of the reasons I am stopping too soon is that I am letting everything loosen up – then I can’t get it tight again while I am in position. Especially once I get tired.

WOD 2 – fill raised beds for time (about 1 hour)
– Load 12 20# bags of soil onto cart
– Load 12 20# bags of soil into car
– Move 12 20# bags of soil 40 feet between car and raised beds
– Lift bags and pour soil into raised beds.
– Try to break up soil with spade (will have to do the bulk of the breaking up in the springtime – the soil was pretty solid)
Sleep: 8:30pm – 9:00pm, 9:30pm – 6:45am. Alarm went off at 4:45am as usual. Didn’t have to work today so I turned it off.
Stress: Low
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Pre-Workout (7:00am) – coffee with milk and honey, country ham, baby carrots

Post-Workout (10:30am) – Myoplex chocolate shake. Not ideal, but functional.

Lunch (1:35pm) – cottage cheese, baby carrots, Moroccan Rooibos tea (iced), almonds

Dinner (4:00pm) – chocolate stout, pork with tomatos and chipotle and corn tortillas.

Hockey (8:00pm) – 2 beers, peanuts, cinnamon sugar pretzel.

Felt better today than I have in awhile.
Will need to spend next week’s deload really focusing on form and tightness. I think form is starting to be the limiting factor in my press and deadlift.

Hockey night tonight. Beer and pretzel didn’t sit well. That info will save me some money….


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