Evil Plan – Cycle 1, Week 4, Day 2


3 rounds
10 SPT/OHS. Last set of OHS done as snatch squats
10 strict press 35#
10 pistols (5 per leg)
10 wallball – 12#/8 ft
10 straight leg deadlifts (last round done as good morning)
5 sec bent leg L sit

Snatch 3 sets, 4 reps at 37#

Wendler Front Squat 42(5) – 52(5) – 67(5)

Clean 3 sets, 4 reps at 62#

This whole WOD felt heavy, even though it is deload week.
Sleep: 10:00pm – 3:30am. Gave up and crawled out of bed at 4:12am.
Stress: Medium. Training the new trainer.
Fish Oil: 5 caps

Pre-Workout (4:30am): 1/2 protein shake with greens plus and some grapefruit juice

Post-workout (6:45am): rest of the protein shake

Breakfast (9:30am): baby carrots, 2 HB eggs with cajun seasoning, coffee with almond milk

Lunch (12:05pm): brussels sprouts with bacon and pecans (shockingly delicious. Bacon makes EVERYTHING better). Water.

Snack (2:50pm): cumin and chili chickpeas, baby carrots, water

Going away HH for Lindsey H (5:15pm): 1 lager

Dinner (7:15pm): ginger/garlic marinated shrimp, mixed baby greens, crispy beef, red zinger iced tea

Spent this morning trying to figure out why everything is so crunchy and why my body feels dead (and has been for a few weeks). Narrowed the issue down to
1) Not being consistent with the fish oil
2) My sketchy nutrition. Better, but still sketchy
3) Needing to focus on mobility, especially on the off days.
I know 1 and 3 will be easier to fix than 2. Baby steps….

Had a nice chat with Dan PCF this morning about Wendler. Apparently, I am not the only one sensing that at a certain point, Wendler does more to improve comfort levels at the 60%-90% range than it does to increase actual 1RM. Of course, in my case, that may also be a result of ongoing lifestyle issues (see above).

The bonus, however, is that increasing comfort in the 60% – 90% range is exactly what CrossFit seems to require.

Dan PCF put this all in perspective – “As long as I am improving in SOMETHING, it’s all good.”


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