Evil Plan – Cycle 1, Week 4, Day 3


This may be my last WOD for the week. I’m thinking 4 days of recovery will do me a world of good.

half-hearted mobility stuff. I think I was supposed to do other exercises too. Meh.


Bench Press 35(5) – 45(5) – 55(5)
Sorry about the uneven weights Christy. Math….not so good…..

Press 32(5) – 37(5) – 45(5)
Thanks for looking at the form Dan PCF. I keep wondering whether form is one of the limiting factors. Answer: no, just weak.
“If push press and push jerk are still improving, I wouldn’t worry about it.” These things do seem to be improving. I will stop worrying about it.

Deadlift 65(5) – 80(5) – 100(5) – 120 (5)
Focused on keeping really tight throughout the movement – both up and down.

Sleep: 9:30pm (though probably fell asleep at 10pm) – 4:45am Solid. Would have been happy to stay in bed another couple of hours.
Stress: Low. Got some (not much) work done.
Fish Oil: 5 caps
Pre-workout (5:00am) – coconut water

Breakfast (7:40am) – oatmeal with raisins, walnuts and honey. coffee with almond milk

Morning Snack (9:40am) – 2 HB eggs with creole seasoning, coffee with almond milk

Lunchtime snack (11;50am) – smoked turkey breast, chickpeas with cumin and chili, water

Dinner – of a sort (5:00pm) – potato chips, red wine, cracked pepper and olive oil triscuits, brie
Low key day – some work, lots of video games.
And thus will begin a 4 day period of junk, rest, maybe some mobility (if I get motivated) and World of Warcraft. Yup….I am a dweeb.


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