Evil Plan – Cycle 1, Week 4, Day 5


WOD – TacFit Recruit No Intensity

20 exercises, 20 minutes.
Still working on mobility and recovery. Feeling a bit less stiff than a couple of days ago – but still very tight in the hamstrings and ITB. Low back – not so bad.

Sleep 1:15am – 6:45am. Um, yeah….
Stress: Medium Low. Insulators coming (late) which screwed up my napping plans for this afternoon.
Fish Oil: 5 caps
Early Morning (7:00am) – darjeeling tea with milk and honey

Breakfast (9:30am) – McDonalds bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, small coffee, hash brown

Lunch (12:43pm) – very small bowl of lentil, barley and country ham soup. Coconut water

Dinner (5:15pm Rays the Steaks) – Crab bisque, porterhouse, creme brulee key lime pie and some really good red wines.

At least trying to get the fish oil and mobility habits grooved during this short break.


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