Thoughts on Cycle 1


I was amazed at how beat up I felt during this cycle. By week 3, I was running out of steam. The max load days didn’t go particularly well.
I’m certain compressing workouts over the last couple of weeks as a result of the holiday didn’t help.

I obviously have a recovery problem.

So for this next cycle, I am going to focus on the following in an attempt to improve my recovery.
1) Consistent fish oil. This makes a huge difference and I really feel it when I skip a few days in a row.
2) 10 minutes of mobility per day – post workout.
3) No alcohol during this cycle. This will be the hardest of the 3 – but I am convinced that getting the alcohol out of the diet will improve damn near everything, including nutrition.

4 days of focused mobility work and away from the box at the end of the cycle feels like it is helping.

I’ll admit to being a bit concerned about this next cycle. When I did the calculations, the weights seemed mighty heavy. We either took the weights up 5 lbs (if I didn’t improve) or went with the new 1RM calculation as a result of the last cycle. The week 3 weights in this cycle seem pretty daunting. Multiple reps of a 75# overhead press? So far, I get 1, maybe 2 on a really good day. Still – this is what we need to do to get stronger. I really shouldn’t let myself get freaked out like that.

I hope those 3 tweaks make a big improvement.


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