Evil Plan – Cycle 2, Week 1, Day 2


3 forward rolls
6 skin the cats

Wendler Press
Not even making minimums on this. Bah.

HSPU volume – 20 min.
Rounds 1- 15 1 kipping hspu after settling deep into the ab mat. Narrower hands.
Rounds 16-20 1 negative with 45# plates.

Double-unders – 23. Plus some 8s and 9s. Starting to get the 8s and 9s pretty reliably.

30 each – hussains on lax ball
1 min per side – hip/glute lax ball
1 min tricep per
1 min pec ball on edge

Sleep: 9:30pm – 4:00am. Gave up and got out of bed at 4:30am. Too early.
Stress: Medium Low. Training in the morning. Tutorial development while listening to Henry Rollins in the afternoon. Hockey in the evening.
Fish Oil: 6 caps

Pre/Post workout – protein shake with greens +. I am finding I can do 1/2 of this on either side of the workout.

Breakfast (9:00am) – coffee with almond milk. Water. Andouille and grainy mustard. Radishes and carrots.

Lunch (11:45am) – slow pinot grigio poached haddock with onions and spinach, coffee with almond milk, water

Snack (3:00pm) – green tea

Dinner (4:30pm) – Carrot, radish and greens with sun dried tomato vinaigrette, water, fennel seeds, smoked trout.

Dinner 2 (Againn – 6:00pm) – pork rinds (these are fatty and delicious), Spring Lake Farms baby arugula salad (also very delicious), some lamb (from the SO’s plate), water.


Hockey night.
Againn is a gluten-free diner’s paradise. They also have a great bar – one I plan on taking advantage of on a day I am imbibing.
Overall good day – though I am not certain what it says about me that I am doing instructional development while listening to Henry Rollins…..


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