Evil Plan – Cycle 2, Week 1, Day 3


And now we know…..
WOD – Mobility
Foam Roller
– 2 minutes shoulders
– 2 minutes thorax
– 2 minutes lumbar
– 2 minutes glute/sacrum area
– 2 minutes hamstrings
– 2 minutes calves
– 2 min per side ITB

Sleep: 10:45pm – 5:45am. Woke once briefly
Stress: Medium. Lots of work to do over the next month. Doable – only as long as no other demands are placed on me.
Fish Oil: 6 caps

Breakfast (8:15am) – cajun andouille sausage, grainy mustard, coffee and almond milk

Lunch (11:15am) – southwest seasoned turkey, onions and red pepper. Fennel seeds. Lemon Raspberry mineral water (unsweetened). Note – the Whole Foods version tastes a bit moldy. Yuck. Pitched the entire 1 liter bottle and drank normal water.

Snack (12:40pm) – almonds, green tea

Snack 2 (4:11pm) – cajun andouille sausage, grainy mustard, Blu Italy Lime water

Dinner (7:00pm) – shrimp boiled in cajun seasoning, butter, roasted asparagus and red pepper with szechuan peppercorns

That new Ovie/Varly ESPN Sportscenter ad is epic. Maybe it’s because I still remember the Cold War……

Low carb day. Curious to see how this impacts tomorrow’s workout.


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