Evil Plan – Cycle 2, Week 1, Day 7


WOD – couch. Still running low grade fever.
Did manage to get some mobility in.

2 min ea side ITB foam roll – this is starting to feel better
2 min quad foam roll
2 min hamstring foam roll
2 min straight leg groin stretch
1 min ea side couch stretch
Sleep: 10:30pm – 6:45am. Solid
Stress: Low. Not much happening today.
Fish Oil: 6 caps

Morning snack (7:15am) – Prince of Wales tea, unsweetened

Breakfast (9:00am) – protein shake with greens plus, Prince of Wales tea, unsweetened

Lunch (12:30pm) – Asparagus and chorizo quiche with pecan/flaxseed crust (no gluten). Prince of Wales tea, unsweetened

Snack (2:30pm) – pork ribs, carrots, moroccan rooibos tea.

Dinner (5:30pm) – smoked pork and sauerkraut. moroccan rooibos tea

Taking it really easy in hopes that I do not get a full-fledged version of the crud. I figure if I lie really still, it won’t find me….


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