Evil Plan – Cycle 2, Week 2, Day 1


WOD – couch / bed. So much for my theory that if I hide from the crud it won’t find me….
Managed to do this episode of Mobility WOD.
Because all it consisted of was me lying down on a lacrosse ball and mashing my shoulders. At least this way I felt like I was doing something productive.
Sleep: 8:30pm – 3:30am. Lay in bed until 4:30am and gave up. 6:30am – 10:00am. 4:00pm – 5:00pm. Also lay in bed between 12:30pm – 2:00pm hoping to catch some sleep and failing.
Stress: Medium. Hate being sick and had meetings I needed to cancel.
Fish Oil: 6 caps

Morning (4:45am) – Moroccan rooibos tea, hot and unsweetened

Breakfast (10:15am) – taco beef and avocado. Prince of Wales tea, hot and unsweetened

Lunch (2:15pm) – turkey stock with leeks, dill and lemon. Moroccan rooibos tea, iced.

Snack (3:15pm) – protein shake with greens +. Maybe the nutrients will make me feel better.

Snack 2 (5:07pm) – Red Zinger tea, hot.

Dinner (7:00pm) – smoked pork + sauerkraut, Red Zinger tea



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