Evil Plan – Cycle 2, Week 2, Day 2


WOD – couch.

Woke this morning with pain in the left flank. Though health care being what it is, I have to wait until tomorrow morning to get checked out. Not urgent enough to go to the ER and spend the $100 co-pay, wait 6 hours and take up a bed better served for someone in a real emergency.
Sleep: 10:30pm – 2:00am. 2:30am – 4:30am. 4:45am – 7:00am. Can’t sleep.
Stress: Medium High. Hate being sick. Hate Doctor’s offices. Haven’t been in one since 11/09. Not looking forward to this visit.
Fish Oil: none

Tea with milk and honey, water, rice and turkey broth with leeks. Not moving much and not hungry. Just trying to stay hydrated with some nutrients.

Looks like an enforced off week. Will try Week 2a as soon as I get this crap licked.


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