Evil Plan – Cycle 2, Week 3, Day 2


WOD – skiing down Floyd street in an attempt to catch the bus without serious injury. Despite Crossfit, I still have occasional balance issues on unstable surfaces.

I live on a steep hill. Even if I managed to make it out of my neighborhood without crashing into anything, I wouldn’t make it back up the hill.

Sleep: 11:00pm – 5:00am. This was solid. No idea why I wasn’t tired last night.
Stress: Medium High. Nothing like spending 5 hours in an unplanned meeting then 4 hours reconfiguring my newly imaged laptop. Long day.
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Morning: darjeeling tea, unsweetened

Breakfast: hard boiled eggs, coffee with unsweetened almond milk, baby carrots.

Late lunch(wasabi) sushi, sashimi, water.

Late dinner (chipotle): steak salad. Bud Light. hockey.

One of them days….


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