Evil Plan – Cycle 2, Week 3, Day 4



Best: 25. Also 19 and a BUNCH of 5s.
Tough time getting into rhythm

On minute for 10 minutes
2 split jerks 35#
4 v-sits (clap hands behind knees)
ring dips – 1st 2 rounds – 4 strict; 2nd 2 rounds – 2 strict; rest of rounds- 4 toe assist
ring dips felt better than they have in awhile. Still having problems keeping the rings close. Not sure what is up with that.

35(4) – 65(4) – 65(4) – 65(4) These felt solid.

Deadlift 80(5) – 100(5) – 120(5). Focused on staying tight throughout the movement. Moved the weight up and down slower than normal to help keep everything tight. Still need to work on breathing.

2 minutes ea side – evil hamstring thing from yesterday with band distraction and strap assist
2 min each side – box pigeon
1 min each side arm/lat ring stretch
Sleep: 8:45pm – 4:45am. 3:00am time check, otherwise solid
Stress: Medium. Nothing like creating documentation on a product that is not in final configuration.
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Pre-workout: coconut water

Breakfast: baby carrots, smoked turkey breast, coffee with almond milk

Lunch: Coconut water, Blu Italy Lime sparkling water, chicken with garlic shoots (from Peking Gourmet Inn), bresaola

Afternoon snack: seaweed snacks (yum), fennel seeds, Blu Italy Lime sparkling water, regular water

Dinner: Pomegranate cornish game hen with roasted onions and mixed herb salad. Riesling.

Low key, productive day – despite my beloved co-workers taking down a system I was working on with no warning.
Somehow bruised the knuckle on my first finger, left hand this morning. Not sure when it happened or how. And it is not painful – just ugly. Weird.


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