Evil Plan – Cycle 2, Week 3, Day 5


Brain scrubbing from today’s 0530 musical selection.
The Minutemen – one of my favorite 80s California punk bands.
D.Boon RIP.

on minute for 10 minutes
4 35# hang squat clean
4 hip raises
4 strict pushups

Press 32(5) – 42(5) – 52(5)
Felt pretty solid. 52# felt a bit heavy. Not sure what is up with that since these are my deload weights.

3 pullups every minute – 20 minutes
Had an a-ha moment on the kipping pullup. Arms felt solid throughout and didn’t spend (much) time strict-pulling 1/2 way up the reps. Rhythm is still a tad off – but I am definitely getting better at these.

Double-unders Best:22. Also a 5 and a 6. Only did 3 rounds since it’s been so chaotic in the gym in the mornings recently. If this is what it is like at 0530, I shudder to think what the evening WODs look like.
Sleep: 9:15pm – 4:45am
Stress: Low. Some social events today with folks I know and like.
Fish Oil: none

Pre-Workout – water, fasted

Breakfast: coffee with almond milk, baby carrots, smoked turkey breast, hard boiled eggs

Morning snack – seaweed snacks, coffee with almond milk

Lunch (Thai Coast) – grilled beef salad, tom yum chicken soup, baby carrots, water.

Afternoon snack (another office going away party): yellow cake and white frosting of indeterminate origin. Sometimes – one must sacrifice.

Dinner (Corrine’s PCF Bridal Shower): shrimp, asti, chroizo, tapenade, bread, crackers and jello shooters (thanks Heather!). Good time at Beth’s. Fantastic company (Beth, Corrine, Patricia, Lisa, Elizabeth, Heather). Thanks Patricia for the ride home!

“You’re body is a paradise…and I need a vacation” – fer realz Britney? You can do better than that (see Toxic, Womanizer)

Of course – I now feel deep shame that I even have an OPINION on this. (thanks Brian PCF….not).


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