Evil Plan – Cycle 2, Week 4, Day 6


10 minute squat
6 minute quad foam roll – moving back and forth to catch the front of the ITB. Ow.
6 minute back foam roll – Ow.
Sleep: 10:15pm – 2:15am, 2:45am – 9:00am. Had to check on the SO, who was busy taking over the world 😉
Stress: Low. Lots of napping, some bowling. Well deserved after last week.
Fish Oil: 4 caps


Early morning snack: coconut water

Breakfast: earl grey tea with milk and maple. Beef sticks from the Humble Gourmand. Protein shake with greens +

Snack (US Bowl): Mike’s hard lemonaid. grilled dried squid. Mr. Choi seems to like me and shared his snack with me. Imagine squid jerky. Dip in mayo as needed. A bit hardcore for the standard American bowling alley.

Dinner: bison with montreal seasoning. endive with northwoods fire seasoning. cider.

Yay weekend!


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