Evil Plan – Cycle 3, Week 1, Day 2


WOD – watch boring vendor demo. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Brisk walk between Foggy Bottom and Verizon Center. Felt really good after this.

Sleep: 10:30pm – 5:30am. Up for about 15 minutes at 2am. Meh.
Stress: Medium. Another vendor demo day. yipee.
Fish Oil: none

Breakfast: ginger tea, honeydew and cantaloupe, whole oatmeal with raisins, walnuts and brown sugar (the real stuff)

Snack: coffee with almond milk, bison, carrots

Snack 2: smoked turkey breast, carrots

Lunch: Sushi. Green tea.

Dinner (Noodles at 11): Pho, water. I missed Pho. This was a serviceable variation.

Hockey night tonight – started late. Ended late.

I’ve been in a strange headspace the past week or so. Don’t feel like tracking food. Not sleeping well. Not handling stress well. Thinking I’m PMSing or something. This too shall pass. Won’t fret about it now.


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