Evil Plan – Cycle 3, Week 1, Day 3


Hooray for the new US Government dietary guidelines!
…and Dana Milbank’s commentary on said guidelines.


10 minutes – on minute
4 sumo deadlift high pulls 35#
4 sumo squats
4 v sits
2 dead hang pullups (missed round 6)

Press 65(5) – 65(5) – 65(4)

Weighted Pullups 10(3) – 10(3) – 10(3) – 10(3) – 10(3)

Slept minimally last night. Didn’t bother with the row. I am a slacker, and I feel good about it. At least I made it to the gym and got the weights up I had planned.
Sleep: 11:15pm – 4:45am. Hockey went WAY late. Morning came way early.
Stress: Medium. Morning meetings, odds and ends, still not able to get my head around the tutorials I need to start building. Meh.
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Breakfast (Dunkin Donuts): Wendy’s 1st doughnuts in over 6 months. Because they had to be tried. Curiosity sated. Coffee with cream and sugar. I believe these are listed under Chapter 3 of the USDA 2010 guidelines…..

BTW – the reverse Boston Creme at Ivory Tower- GWU campus has a vanilla custard center vs. the chocolate custard described in the articles. I suspect the vanilla is an improvement.

Lunch: ham, palak paneer, mineral water

Snack: seaweed snacks (hooray Trader Joes for bringing these things out. Easier than hoofing it to H-Mart), mineral water.

Dinner: chicken breast, baby carrots with bagna cauda (anchovy/garlic/olive oil sauce), water

Certain the carb /junk binge + sketchy sleep + stress that I am not admitting to basically made me punt the cardio portion of today’s workout.
Hoping sleep = better workout tomorrow.


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