Evil Plan – Cycle 3, Week 1, Day 4


“It doesn’t matter what you do. It matters what you’re motivated to do. So, the thing that excites you the most… do that thing.” – Scott Sonnon, TacFit

Get Uncomfortable

Double-unders – Best: 21. Also lots of 17s and 18s
I need to start getting the double-unders going in less than 8 jumps.

Every minute on the minute
4 squat clean/push jerk 35#
4 hip lifts.

We were supposed to do 4 ring dips too – but it was taking me 40 seconds just to get through the cleans. Meh.

85(1) – 85(1) – 105(f) – 95(f) – 95(1) – 95(1) -100(1) – 100(1) – 100(1)

I was scheduled to do 105 for 4 sets of 1, but 105 wasn’t going up past the knees today.

Deadlift (in lieu of the metcon, because I just wasn’t feeling it)
100(3) – 155(5) – 175(3) – 190(1)

At least I made my Wendler numbers
Sleep: 8:00pm – 5:00am. But I don’t think I actually fell asleep until 9pm and tossed and turned starting around 3am.
Stress: High. unmeetable crisis deadlines. some needy people. no immediate answers. Only bonus is that it was productive.
Fish Oil: none. Couldn’t stomach it.
Pre-Workout: water

Breakfast (Ashburn): omelet with chorizo, spinach and onion + salsa fresca. coffee with half and half. Carlos has a new assistant he is training. And new ingredients today for the omelet. The new assistant is easy on the eyes. Between the new ingredients and the new assistant, breakfast brightened my morning.

Lunch (Ashburn): churascuro pork and chicken with collards and brazilian sauce. Green tea – though I didn’t catch that it was sweetened until I tasted it. Drank it anyway. Meh.

Dinner: dijon chicken thighs, onions and baby romaine. Red zinger tea (hot)

Just a sucky workout. Focusing on getting the nutrition back in line in hopes of getting the exercise portion of the program back in line. With 6 weeks until the first sectional, now is NOT the time to flake out.
Nutrition, for me, is like one of those games you play on railroad tracks. Balance on the track rail for as long as possible. Fall off. Get back on. Step off when the track starts to vibrate and you hear the rumble and horn. Watch the train go by. Get back on the rail. Balance as long as possible. Repeat until you get to your destination.

I am seeing a lot of traffic in my feed reader about Chip and Dan Heath’s book Switch. First book I downloaded to my Kindle for Android. I’m about 10 (very short) chapters in. The takeaway – the rational and emotional need to be in alignment for any change to be successful.

For me, right now, the exercise is the easy part. Even on days when workouts suck, I don’t want to be there, and the victory is in just showing up – I know I am exercising for my life. To keep the evil black dog at bay. It’s the only thing that has worked consistently. Not the drugs. Not the therapy.

I’m still aligning the rational and the emotional with the nutrition.

The rational is becoming increasingly more convinced that “Eat real things, minimize processed stuff” needs to happen.

The emotional still resists.

The emotional LIKES being able to process whatever is thrown at it. The emotional is convinced that when Zombie Armageddon comes I will be the last one standing because I can subsist on Ho Hos and Bud Light. The emotional hates even the thought of limiting her diet and has always prided herself on her willingness to eat anything (once). The emotional thrives on the ability to eat anything available in her environment.

1.5 years of CrossFit and exposure to new nutritional ideas. 1.5 years of walking on the railroad track for varying distances. One day, I will figure out how to convince the emotional that eating more real food is a positive thing.


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