Evil Plan – Cycle 3, Week 2, Day 1


I’m thinking the sapphire blue will be smashing for tomorrow’s potential unknown and unknowable presentation on something I know little about.
It’s good to be prepared for anything.

3 rounds
10 pushups (strict)
10 ring dips (purple and yellow bands)
10 good mornings

Snatch 12(5) – 42(4) – 42(4) – 42(4) – 12(5)

Double-unders: best- 17. Focused on 3 jump start. Got some 10+ in there too

4 rounds
10 DB snatch 30#
10 DB lunge 30#
10 ring rows – low (10 – fast, 10 – slower), 5/5, 3/3/2/2)
6:01 Rx
Realized 1/2 way through …. “OMG – I’m really going to be able to do this Rxed!” After a very funky brainspace week last week, this was a pleasant surprise.

Sleep: 10:45pm – 4:45am. At least this felt solid.
Stress: Medium High. Nothing like being surprised about a “training” that needs to be delivered the next day. Now brushing up on my interpretive dance.
Fish Oil: 5 caps

Pre-Workout: coconut water, water

Breakfast: hb eggs, banana, coffee with almond milk, palak paneer

Lunch: dijon chicken with onions, carrots, full fat greek yogurt with honey, water

Snack: seaweed snacks, water

Dinner: buffalo chicken thigh salad, water, a chocolate chip cookie


The fog seems to have lifted and I am psychologically and physically feeling better.
Will now go practice “jazz hands” for tomorrow.


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