Evil Plan – Cycle 3, Week 2, Day 2


10 minutes on minute
4 hang power cleans – 1st round at 45#. Gave that to Jeremy. Rest at 12#
4 V-sits
2 strict ring pullups – missed a couple of rounds. Dang it was crowded this morning.

Best: 33
also got some 15+

Muscle-up work with Mike and Phil. My elbows flay WAY too much. This seemed easier not that long ago. Not sure what happened.

Tabata Pushup- games standard – 75
Tabata Row- focused on pull – 40
Tabata Situp – now I know why my knuckles are bruised, banging my hands on the ground during high-speed situps – 77
Tabata Box Jump 35-45-45-45 focused on reps – 98
Total 290

Very happy with this.
Sleep: 8:30pm – 5:00am Felt like I slept very lightly. Still tired when I woke.
Stress: High. An expected, unpredictable day. Lots of rush work over the next few days.
Fish Oil: 4 caps
Pre-WOD: coconut water

Breakfast: coffee and chocolate protein powder.

Lunch (watching others do interpretive dance – yay): bertucci’s fresh mozz, basil and tomato pizza (ok), diet coke (yuk)

Dinner: Wendy’s Apple Pecan Chicken salad. San Pellegrino Water.

Hockey: water.

A grab and go day. Not quite prepared enough for the meetings, trainings and emergencies.
At least I didn’t have to put on the feathers.


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