Evil Plan – Cycle 3, Week 2, Day 4


WOD – rest day

2 minutes – foam roll quads
2 minutes – foam roll calves
2 minutes – foam roll lower hamstrings
2 minutes – foam roll upper back / shoulders
Sleep: 8:45pm – 5:45am. Slept lightly from 3:30am on. Debated going to the gym. Was due for a rest day.
Stress: Medium High. Nothing like having writers block over something you have already written. Then – once breaking through the 1st writers block, doing it again. Ugh.
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Morning: earl grey tea with milk and maple

Breakfast: coffee with almond milk, celery, liverwurst, capocollo

Lunch (Sauca Food Truck) – Butter chicken with rice. Water

Snack: smoked trout, seaweed snacks, coffee with almond milk (seems to be one of those days)

Dinner: Shrimp with garlic, grape tomatoes, aleppo pepper and basil. Mixed herb salad. White wine.

Dessert: 2 chocolate chip cookies

Is it Saturday yet?


3 Responses to “Evil Plan – Cycle 3, Week 2, Day 4”

  1. 1 David B

    I remember the day you mentioned the double under baggy sweats problem – my eyes were probably closed while struggling with some crossfit torture or another. Too bad I missed it.

    My herniated disc – week 7 – continues to slowly shrink and movement in my foot is slowly, very slowly returning. I did my 1st Fran today in 5:58 using a 33# girls bar with no weights for thrusters (rehab weight to keep from damaging the disc) and Rx pullups – last summer I coudn’t do the qty of pull ups required for Fran Rx so it was a small victory – happy about that.

    Hope you and the gang are doing well. It really is amazing how well you are doing with tracking progress and getting good results. Looking forward to dropping in Potomac in a month.

    • Admit it…it’s the running 🙂
      Awesome about the pullups! And about your back healing.
      Look forward to seeing you back at the box soon.

      • 3 David B

        lol….I admit it….there was a lot of that…and the multiple 165# OHS on Monday and multiple 275# deadlifts on Tuesday…and then all of sudden….POW!

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