Evil Plan – Cycle 3, Week 3, Day 1


I aspire to be this cat.

via Dean Somerset, 3 Spectrum Fitness
3 rounds – 5 pullups / 10 green band assisted pistols
Row 1000m 4:41

Back Squat
35(5) – 85(3) – 115(1) – 135(1) – 160(f) – 135(f) – 135(1) – 135(1) – 140(1) – 140(1) – 142.5(1) – 135(1) – 135(1)
All reps with good depth (according to Lindsey – thanks for partnering!)

Failures as a result of jumping weight too quickly (135 – 160) and over-thinking the bottom of the squat.

5 rounds
3 85# power cleans / 6 pullups

Got a little bungied up with the pullup bar on the last round. VERY happy with this.

1 min per side – wall torture
1 min per side – high box hip pigeon
5 minute squat (while watching Lindsey do the WOD)
Sleep: 9:00pm – 5:00am, solid
Stress: Low. Gettin’ stuff done. It is warm outside. Happy.
Fish Oil:5 caps

Pre-workout: water

Breakfast: carrots, guacamole, Coffee with almond milk

Lunch (Zed’s): ethiopean beef, yellow lentils, injera, carrots, water

Snack: seaweed snacks, almonds, coffee with almond milk.

Dinner (Hana Tokyo): lots of raw fish, some rice, a small cucumber salad thing, sake

Thinking Lindsey0530 is going to be my new pacer. Haven’t had much of a pacer since Christy 0530 went down with injury and since I’ve been doing Brian PCF’s experimental program.
I find that having a pacer that’s just one or two steps ahead helps push me better than I push myself. In this phase of the program – having that push can do nothing but help.


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