Evil Plan – Cycle 3, Week 3, Day 2


WOD – rest day

2 min foam roller hamstrings
2 min foam roller quads
2 min per side foam roller IT band
2 min weighted groin stretch
Sleep: 10:00pm – 6:00am. Hit snooze from 5:00am on. Feel very rested.
Stress: Medium. Lots of odds and ends stuff today + a lengthy meeting.
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Breakfast: ethiopean beef, injera, carrots, coffee with almond milk.

Lunch: green curry chicken with spinach and onions, ginger peach tea, water

Dinner: braised chicken with leeks. water

Made an appt with Dr. Andy (ART doc) for Friday. Concerned about the weakness / numbness in my shoulders and upper arms (particularly the left side). Probably overdue for some readjusting anyway.


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