Evil Plan – Cycle 3, Week 3, Day 5


WOD 1 – Adventures at Dr. Andy’s. Turns out the nerves in my shoulder, arms and neck are glued. This seems to explain the lack of reliable strength in overhead positions and handstand pushups. Felt so much better afterwards. Get to go see him again next week.

WOD 2 – 18 holes of golf at Renditions. Absolutely stunning day. Played solid golf all round. Maybe I should start keeping score…

Sleep: 10:45pm – 6:45am. Time checks at 2:45am, 5:00am (when I determined another heavy set of thrusters would not be a good idea)
Stress: Very low.
Fish Oil: none
Food – planned junk day

Breakfast: tea with milk and sugar, cheerios with 2% milk.

Breakfast 2: McDonalds Egg McMuffin, hash brown, coffee with milk and sugar

Lunch (Renditions): Hot dog, snickers, sparkling water, water, beer

Pre-Dinner (Renditions): a beer, fried Mozzarella sticks with tomato sauce

Dinner: Grilled rosemary-garlic marinated lamb chops, salad with sun dried tomato vinaigrette, sparkling water

Dr. Andy seemed alarmed when I told him about some numbness in my left arm during recent workouts. He became a bit more concerned when what he was feeling in my shoulders and arms was worse on my right vs. my left where I had the complaints. He looked at his notes from my past visits.

“Yeah – looks like we talked about your blood pressure this past summer.” Then he hinted (not very subtly) that maybe I should go see the primary care docs just to make sure everything is cool.

I wonder if he is feeling something out of whack besides my nerves as he dug around my neck and shoulder area today.

The blood pressure was on the high side of normal when I went to the docs for the kidney stones. And I had worried about the numbness when I felt it the first time during the heavy thruster workout. Didn’t have any other symptoms – so I didn’t pursue it much further than possibly pinching a nerve. I’m overdue for an annual anyway. Best to go get this checked out.


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