Evil Plan – Cycle 3, Week 4, Day 1


WOD – rest day

2 min per side couch stretch
4 min hamstring foam roll
2 min calves foam roll
2 min triceps foam roll
4 min upper back / shoulder foam roll
Sleep: 9:30pm – 7:30am. Time check at 4:45am. Weird dreams.
Stress: Medium Low. Get a bit nervous trusting others to do stuff on an off day.
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Breakfast: earl grey tea with milk and sugar, Italian wedding soup with egg + egg white

Snack: sea salt caramel gelato, sparkling water

Lunch: sparking water, squid in roasted red pepper and tomato soup, salami, tangerine, tea with milk and sugar

Dinner: buffalo chicken legs, asparagus with prociutto and black pepper, red wine, sparkling water

Upgrade of one of my major systems today. Thankfully, could work from home.
Also took the opportunity to rest. The recent warm days have made some trees and flowers bloom. Hence the start of the annual congestion snot-fest that is spring.
Discovered that Theraflu cough/chest congestion stuff is money.


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