Evil Plan – Cycle 3, Week 4, Day 3


5 minutes half-hearted jump-roping
Best – 18 doubles. Rest: lazy singles
No spring at all this morning.

5 minutes skin the cats. Did about 15.

10 minutes – 1 exercise per minute, because I was just not going to be moving fast this morning.
4 snatch balance 35# (4 rounds)
4 barbell rollouts (4 rounds)
4 dive bomber pushups (2 rounds)

35(3) – 65(3) – 65(3) – 70(3) – 70(3) – 70(2)

7 push jerk 70#. 1st 2 rounds unbroken. Last round 3-3-2
14 burpees. More of a get on the ground, get back up again affair. No spring at all today.

2 minutes ea side lax ball on chair – shoulder blades
2 min ea side lax ball on chair – glute/ high hamstring
2 min ea side lax ball on chair – low hamstring

I’ve been fighting a respiratory thing since Friday. Really slowed me down today – though happy with the strength bit of the metcon.
Stupid allergies….

Spring – God’s way of tempting us outside with pleasant weather and pretty flowers in order to kill us more efficiently.

Sleep: 9:00pm – 4:30am. Stayed in bed until 5:00am
Stress: Medium. Busy, productive. Also determined that failings in health care stem from overcomplicated billing. Ugh.
Fish Oil: 3 caps

Pre-workout: coconut water, water

Breakfast: coffee with coconut milk, HB eggs, carrots, sparkling water

Lunch: buffalo-sauced pork loin, blue cheese, spinach, sparkling water.

Dinner: salmon with tomatoes, spring onions, olive oil and prosecco. Prosecco. caramel gelato.

Day of teleconferences, finishing tutorials, odds and ends. Not bad, just busy.


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