Evil Plan – Cycle 3, Week 4, Day 5


It dawned on me that I am spending a lot of time and money having handsome men cause me pain.

Dr. Andy, Brian PCF – I am talking to both of you.

Dr. Andy – next time, I am asking for a safe word.

Shoulder, neck and jaw work at the ART doc. That was plenty for today…..

Sleep: 10:30pm – 4:00am. Up at 12:30, 3:00.
Stress: Low. Working from home. Audio recording day.
Fish Oil: none

Breakfast: cup of coffee with cream at neighbor’s house, tea with milk and sugar, cheerios with milk.

Lunch: tea with milk and sugar, sparkling water, salami, butternut squash soup, dried cherries

Dinner (Laughing Man Tavern): Black and blue flatbread, some fries, a couple beers

Hockey: water


The SO and I borrowed our neighbor’s very cool collie Pat to hang with us after bowling last night. Spike (my cat) wasn’t too thrilled by the prospect. So sleep, for what it was, was really cruddy.

Thankfully, working from home today. Especially after the chiro appointment.
Dr. Andy’s work helped a lot, but I walked away from that one wondering just what the hell happened.
Going back for more next week…. 🙂


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