Evil Plan – Cycle 3, Week 4, Day 6


Double-under Tabata
Best: 17. Some 15s and 16s
Best cycle – 20

PVC work
8 burpees

Behind the neck push jerk
35(5) – 65(1) – 85(1) – 85(1) – 95(1) – 95(1)
All felt really solid, except when I put the 95# barbell on my head on the way down. Coulda been ugly if I wasn’t controlling the bar.

4 rounds
35# db squat cleans
20 pushups
+ 10 pushups with Charles

Thought about doing a 5th round, but had already missed a couple reps of cleans in round 4.
35# dbs are heavy.
Sleep: 9:30pm – 7:30am. Time check at 5:45am. Otherwise solid.
Stress: Low. Family day.
Fish Oil: 3 caps

Pre-Workout: coconut water

Breakfast:asparagus and shallot omelet, coffee with milk and sugar, bacon

Dinner (Mom and Dad’s): beef roulade, salad with hearts of palm and artichoke with meyer lemon vinaigrette, red wine, italian sausage, german chocolate cake. sparkling water.

Spent most of today visiting family. Nice thing about having our parents across town from each other – we can see everyone in one day with little drama.


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