Evil Plan – Cycle 3, Week 4, Day 7


Lemmy Kilmeister. An illustration that being homely young can be an advantage later in life.
I don’t think he looks any different now than he did 25-some-odd years ago.
400 m run
15 burpees – fast
group mobility and warmup

AMRAP 15 minutes
2 95# power cleans
2 HSPU (1st 3 rounds) / 5 strict pushups (remaining rounds)
4 strict pullups (last round done kipping)
6 box jumps – 20″ box + 45# plate.
8 1/2 rounds

95# power cleans – generally solid. Comfortable enough at this weight to muscle the clean up if I missed. Tells me I need to go up in weight next time.

Handstand pushups – kept coming off the wall too soon. By round 4 – they weren’t happening at all. This summer, back to HSPU volume training.

High box jumps felt really solid. Greg PCF commented I could have put on another plate. I told him he could if he wanted and contemplated doing so myself throughout the workout. Considering I have never spent much time box jumping at this height – I was pretty happy.

Strict pullups felt solid. Kipped the last round so I could finish what I was doing before time ran out.

It was nice to see Jon PCF again. I don’t get out much when the sun is up anymore 😉
Sleep: 9:00pm – 7:20am. Time check at 6:00am. Nap 1:30pm – 3:30pm
Stress: Low
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Breakfast: tea with milk and sugar, roasted asparagus with black pepper, bacon and fried eggs, dried cherries

Lunch (Shanghai Peking): fried meat dumplings, tea with milk and sugar

Snack: salami, carrots, sambuca

Dinner: tuna and spring greens with green goddess dressing, water

SO came down with the same crud I had last week – so any plans for the day got tanked. Just as well – nice mellow day catching up on some sleep.


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