Countdown – Week 1, Day 2


We should all be high priest Vatican assassin warlocks!
some half-hearted jump-roping (best 17)

10 minutes
4 hang power snatch 12#
4 hollow rock
1 handstand pushup. I think I am getting worse at these 😦

Run 1000m
100 double-unders (best cycle – 23)
40 wallball 8′ / 8# – done out of order since the jumping pullup area got bogged down
50 jumping pullup
30 db swings 25#
20 burpee-approximating things
10 pullups
Run/walk 1000m and try not to puke
27:15 DFL. But done.

Mobility – more adventures with Dr. Andy
Jaw, neck, shoulders and hips. Apparently – the jaw area is uber-hosed. This seems to be what is causing some downstream weakness in the shoulders.
Makes sense – 10+ years of orthodontics including 3 years in a frankel device will do that.
Sleep: 9:00pm – 5:00am
Stress: Medium
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Pre-workout: water

Breakfast: coffee with almond milk, hb eggs, mahi mahi with tomatoes, garlic-stuffed olives and greens.

Lunch: mongolian beef with spring onions and regular onions, water

Dinner: sweet italian sausages, water

Hockey: beer. Another abbreviated game night. This time, the SO is sick.

Busy day – work + chiro + hockey along with some epic LOLcat web surfing discoveries.

I need a life.


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