Countdown – Week 1, Day 5


5 minutes double-unders
Best 23. Also got a couple rounds over 15. Then – off the rails.

10 minutes cycling
– 4 snatch balance 32#
– 4 superman
– 4 forearm planks (was supposed to be olympic pushups, but my low back wasn’t going anywhere on that move)

WOD – One dumbbell (not counting the one doing the WOD)
5 rounds – 10# db
10 DB power snatch
3 weighted pullups
10 weighted box jumps 20″
3 weighted pullups

After spending 2 minutes figuring out how to box jump with a dumbbell in my hands before the WOD, I think this went really well.
VERY excited I managed to get through 30 10# pullups. All reps full chin over bar.
Sleep: 11:00pm – 5:00am
Stress: Low. Productive. Nice day. Free lunch at Hellburger. What is not to love?
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Pre-Workout: water

Breakfast (Starbucks – yes, got uber lazy): venti latte, Protein Plate.

Lunch (Ray’s Hellburger) – 1/2 lb hamburger with bone marrow and parsley. Water. Yum.

Dinner: roasted asparagus, pork loin with Northwoods Fire seasoning, red wine

In a prior life, I dabbled in yoga. Though the article talks about yoga, I think it has broader applications.
Confessions of a Type-A Yogi


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