Countdown – Week1, Day 7


Run 800m
Press work 20# DB

Scheduled 3 rounds
Run 800m
50 Straight leg deadlift 65#
50 situps

DNF – got through the 2nd 800m run.
Knew I was in trouble 1/2 way through the 1st round of straight leg deadlift when the exertion headache appeared. Hoped I could shake it off during the 2nd run. Reduced to walking. No dice. Called it quits. Spent the rest of the time getting my equilibrium back enough to drive home.
Will live to fight another day.

Lessons learned:
– No coffee (particularly French Press) before WODs. Been noticing a pattern during weekend WODs. Confirmed today.
– If I’m thinking of taking a day off – I should do it, even if the WOD looks cool. Especially right now.

Thanks Tes PCF for taking care of me today. And all of the coaches (Tes, Jon and Greg) for reminding me to not feel bad when I can’t finish a workout.
Sometimes, you gotta cut your losses.
Sleep: 9:45pm – 7:15am. Up for 30 minutes around 4:30am. Nap 1:45pm – 3:00pm.
Stress: Low – except for the WOD.
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Breakfast: coffee with cream and sugar, flank steak, carrots, coconut water

Brunch (Los Toltecos): pork carnitas burrito with guacamole and green chile sauce. Water.

Lunch: Italian wedding soup. Water

Dinner: beef roulades in tomato sauce, water

Good thing I had very little planned today. Spent most of the afternoon trying to get my equilibrium back. Felt better by 5pm.


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