Countdown – Week 2, Day 2


Drifting, but not lost
Sometimes, plan B turns out better.
Mobility (thank you Alison. Not sure I was up for anything more strenuous)

5 rounds – team of 3, rotate through the set. Resting person can’t start next leg until both working folks are done.
Row 250 (focused on keeping 2:00/500m pace or better)
25 db thrusters (1st round 20# DB, rest 15# DB) (I started here)
then – 50 KB swings per person (we broke up as 30/20) 35#
Total time: 27:40

Lisa and Lindsey – thanks for playing with me today.
Lindsey – I have new respect for your kettlebell and thruster prowess. Those 20#ers were no joke.
Sleep: 8:30pm – 4:45am. Time check at 3:00am. Slept lightly until the alarm went off.
Stress: Medium Low. Got stuff done. Observing, not teaching.
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Pre-workout: water

Breakfast: coffee with cream and honey, oatmeal with brown sugar, raisins and walnuts

Lunch (Thai Coast): Chicken soup, grilled beef salad, water.

Dinner: cajun-spiced brussels sprouts with bacon, New Orleans-style “barbecue” shrimp, wine, water

Hamstrings froze up on the bus. Walking – not so much fun. Definitely time for a rest day.


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