Countdown – Week 2, Day 3


How Dungeons and Dragons changed my life.

WOD – Mobility
Foam roller 3 min inside each leg
Foam roller 4 min hamstrings (badly needed)
Foam roller 3 min outside each leg
Foam roller 2 min upper back
Sleep: 9:30pm – 6:30am. Solid.
Stress: Low – at least until I attempted to help someone and got punished because the person is a flake. Get to spend tomorrow helping the boss clean up the mess.
Fish Oil: none

Breakfast: tea with coconut milk and maple.

Lunch: spinach salad with pork, blue cheese and bacon, water.

Snack: brussels sprouts with bacon

Dinner (Asian Spice): korean beef, kimchi, korean coleslaw, sake, water

Hockey: water, beer.

Hoping to get my hamstrings back in order by this weekend.


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