Countdown – Week 2, Day 4


Running is bad for you. New York Times says so.
Just what I need – another excuse to never run a marathon.
Today’s WOD looked like fun. Too bad I couldn’t come into the box and play.

WOD – walk and drive in the rain.
Otherwise, did very little.
Sleep: 11:00pm – 5:15am. Went into work early.
Stress: Medium High. More politics today than I would have liked.
Fish Oil: 3 caps

Breakfast: salmon with green goddess dressing, carrots, coffee with cream

Lunch (Buffalo Wild Wings): buffalo wings, celery, a couple fries (because they weren’t that good) and a coke (with sugar). Finding that I am not missing the soda. Don’t need to do that again anytime soon.

Dinner (Rocklands): grilled lamb, coleslaw, collard greens, water


Nothing like going into work early and discovering that a tutorial you just completed will be outdated in 3 weeks and requires a complete rebuild. Serves me right for being efficient.

Only bonus – morning coffee with one of my fav non-IT co-workers and getting some planning done.
Only sad part – the decision was to have a meeting to plan for a meeting that will result in another meeting 😦
I look forward to someone making a decision (one day).


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