Countdown – Week 2, Day 5


Is it wrong to enjoy Wipeout so much?
5 minutes double-unders. Best: 17. Also some 14 and 15. And some running man – a move I have never successfully done before.
PVC Clean work (why are my elbows not rotating? Weird)

8 minutes
30 seconds – 3 strict pullups. Alternating palms facing v. palms away. Kipped last 2 rounds
30 seconds – 2 or 3 HSPU. Head to ab mat. Happy I can do this many. Still not happy with range of motion. Post-sectionals, I will need to work on increasing range of motion.

3 rounds
7 power cleans (65#) – tried to keep this lighter. Supposed to be deloading. Able to do these unbroken
14 burpees. Ugh.
21 cal row. Double-ugh.

1st row – stayed close to 1000 cal/hr
2nd row – tried to stay close to 900cal/hr
3rd row – struggled to stay close to 800cal/hr
Sleep: 9:30pm – 5:00am
Stress: Low. Meeting with boss + focused troubleshooting today.
Fish Oil: none

Pre-Workout: coconut water

Breakfast: coffee with coconut milk, spinach with smoked herring and green goddess dressing

Lunch: pork with indian eggplant sauce, carrots, water

Snack: roasted seaweed snacks, water.

Dinner (McCormick and Scmicks) oysters, tuna with wasabi peas and steamed veggies, 1 gin martini

Hockey: beer, cracker jacks
Overall, a good day.


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