NoVa Open Week 1 – Monday



Oh yeah – and for those who don’t know about this NoVa Open thing. 6 weeks 5 weeks of workouts on Saturday.
We won’t know what the workouts are until some ungodly hour Tues night / Wed morning (stupid Pacific Time….)

This is essentially the replacement for CrossFit Sectionals.
This way, HQ doesn’t have to waste resources on poseurs like me.

My goal: do what they ask of me. Hope there is no time limit 😉
5 minutes of attempts at double-unders.
Best: 10. Didn’t get much more than that. Ugly.

10 minutes – per minute
4 ring dips – either jumping or purple-band assist
4 hang power snatches
4 hollow rock

Front Squat
35(3) – 65(3) – 85(3) – 85(3) – 95(3) – 95(3) – 95(3)
Went for speed out of the bottom – on the off chance I have to do a 95# thruster sometime soon.

Tabata Row – 50 calories.
REALLY happy with this. Now fighting Fran-cough.

WOD 2 – adventures with Dr. Andy
Shoulders feel MUCH better – even though my back looks like a nasty case of road rash courtesy of Dr. Andy’s Graston blades.
Sleep: 7:30pm – 10:30pm. 11:30pm – 5:00am, but slept very lightly. Note to self – do not take the headache pills with the caffeine in them before bed. Nap 3:30 – 4:30pm.
Stress: Medium High. Why do Flash Player updates screw up my most sensitive tutorials these days? And what’s with all these phone calls and IM messages?
Fish Oil: 3 caps

Pre-workout: water

Breakfast: smoked turkey breast, carrots, coffee with coconut milk.

Lunch: pork with indian eggplant, water. Not hungry

Lunch 2: chicken breast, sparkling water. Still not hungry.

Dinner: slow cooker chicken thighs with garlic and turnip greens. Water. Still not hungry. But at least I got some food in me today.

Interesting day. Looking forward to a full night of sleep.


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