NoVa Open Week 1 – Tuesday


– from
2 rounds
– handstand hold. Very short. Equilibrium not right
– 1 min V-out
– 1 min slide to hollow (scooting a 5# plate on the floor with your feet)
band-distracted mobility (about 12 min worth)

Tabata Something Else
Pullups – 36 (did not include 2 missed reps)
Pushups – 66
Situps – 80
Squats – 113
295 Rx – so close to 300……

Last time I tried this (1/26/10) – red band for pullups, knees for pushups. 238.
First time I ever did this (7/20/09) – green band for pullups, knees for pushups. 219.

I needed to see how much progress I’ve made in the past 18 months. Pretty amazing.
Sleep: 8:30pm – 4:45am Solid (thankfully)
Stress: High. Presenting in front of mucky mucks today + mystery meetings + discovering a last minute upgrade to a system I am administering is major.
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Pre-Workout: coconut water

Breakfast: oatmeal with walnuts, raisins and a little brown sugar, coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: grilled beef with grilled leeks. Water. Lunch was super early (about 10:30am)

Snack: roast seaweed snack, water

Dinner (chipotle): steak salad with peppers, onions and guac. Sparkling water. 1/2 glass wine.

Think I handled the day pretty well. Reminded that the universe is very good at filling in empty calendar space and providing opportunities for “growth.”


2 Responses to “NoVa Open Week 1 – Tuesday”

  1. 1 Dorothy

    Good luck in the Open sectionals. I am rooting for you, and also competing against you (I’m from Crossfit KOP in PA). Hopefully all of your double under practice will pay off. I have been slacking in that area, so it could get ugly especially when I get tired.

    • Dorothy – I don’t see this as a competition. Goal is to just finish what is asked of me. I feel I got lucky this week. 2 moves I can DO (badly).
      Best of luck to you too!

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