NoVa Open Week 1 – Wednesday


Best: 24. Also: 21. Really hoping I find some double-under mojo on Saturday….

8 minutes on minute (missed round 7)
4 snatch balance 12#
1 or 2 HSPU
4 v-sits.

Split Jerk
35(2) – 65(1) – 85(1) – 85(1) – 95(1) – 95(1) – 95(1) -95(1) -95(1) – 95(1)
I can get 95 overhead – 1/2 the time at lockout, and 1/2 the time with a slight press. Glad I stayed at this weight today.

4x400m sprints
Round 1: 1:32
Round 2: 1:33
Round 3: 1:41
Round 4: 1:41
Total time, including rest: 12:01

The distances are less accurate on the PCF path vs. the Washington and Lee track. Goal was to stay under 2 minutes per split. Goal accomplished.
Dare I say I may have actually gotten faster?
Endurance class with Aaron (same path)
W&L track splits.

Also tried the walk home from King Street Metro yesterday afternoon. About 1.8 miles. Not a bad walk.
Sleep: 9:30pm – 4:45am Solid
Stress: Medium high. Busy. Not sure if it was productive. Lots of research on problems I still can’t solve. Makes me sad.
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Pre-workout: water

Breakfast: HB eggs, coffee with coconut milk

Lunch (Sauca): pork banh mi. Water

Dinner (Hana Tokyo): sushi, glass of wine, coconut water

Got some good news today. Week 1’s WOD is something I can DO! Albeit badly šŸ˜‰
And more good news – a trip to Ireland is in my near future (hooray!). Much more exotic and exciting than the prospect of going to Blacksburg.


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