NoVa Open Week 1 – Friday


Hoping that tomorrow’s appearance of the supermoon = the appearance of the Double-under fairy.

Note to self: must change training to Ninja training after the NoVa Open
WOD – rest day

2 min foam roll per shin
2 min foam roll hamstrings
2 min foam roll upper back (right shoulder needed it)
Sleep: 8:30pm – 12:15am, 12:30am – 5:30am.
Stress: Medium. Long day.
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Midnight Snack: coconut water

Breakfast: hb eggs, granny smith apple, coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: Greek salad with smoked turkey breast and red wine vinaigrette, Blu Italy Lime water

Dinner: chicken thighs with turnip greens and garlic, sushi, 1/2 glass of rose, water

Just a very long day. A long week. Now trying to calm the nerves and channel the fear appropriately.

Remember Wendy: just doing this is the victory….

2 moves I need to try pre-workout in the box – from Carl Paoli’s Muscle-Up Progressions in the CrossFit Journal
– false grip on bar (essentially wrists on bar)
– band muscle-up (band supported by hands on rings – use green)


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