NoVa Open Week 2a – Monday


CrossFit HQ is having IT issues. So they are moving Week 2 back a week.
Result: no NoVa Open this next weekend.

For someone like me – no big deal. I have no chance or aspiration of making regionals. I can afford to be flexible.
They did manage to single-handedly screw all of the affiliates who are doing events and many of the elite crossfitters.
Thankfully – they came up with a compromise.

“It’s not about the IT”. Doesn’t matter what industry.

3 rounds
1 minute upper body foam roll
1 minute handstand (for me, more like 20 seconds)
1 minute slide to hollow
1 minute dynamic legs

Low Bar Back Squat
35(3) – 85(3) – 115(3) – 115(3) – 135(3) – 135(2) – 115(3)

Seriously Modified Nate-ish type thing
2 heel-assisted muscle ups (not sure I did this right)
2 handstand pushups – extremely happy with these. All done strict.
8 25# kb swings
8 rounds + 2 muscle-ups

Kept the kb swings light to get blood-flow to the shoulders rather than torch them. Felt really good after this WOD, which tells me that ratcheting back was a good decision.
Sleep: 6:00pm – 8:00pm, 10:00pm – 4:45am. Solid. Naps are awesome.
Stress: Medium High. Ever get the funny feeling you are being taken advantage of?
Fish Oil: none

Pre-workout: coconut water

Breakfast: coffee with coconut milk, grilled beef stick, baby carrots

Lunch: slow roasted chicken with turnip greens and garlic, sparkling water, dark chocolate mints

Dinner (Los Toltecas): seafood tacos, chips and salsa, a margarita

Best part of the day – sitting on the front stoop after work, watching the birds and the flowers.


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